A graphic and web design firm, specializing in the creation of brand identity, marketing material and websites.

Stimuli Designs

A graphic and web design firm with clients ranging from garage bands to corporate America. The company was founded on both a love for good design as well as a desire to give our clients a rewarding experience.

Nowadays, anyone can pirate a version of PhotoShop and call themselves a designer. But what makes a true designer?

Passion. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote "Passion rebuilds the world — it makes all things alive and significant."

At Stimuli Designs, we believe our success is directly connected to the level of our passion. It's the reason we come to the office, the reason we stay late. It's the reason work doesn't feel like work. It's the excitement and energy we bring to every blank page.

Stimuli Designs. Get your message to the masses.